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Expert Cosmetic Surgery In A Caring And Warm Enviroment

Practice Philosophy
Patients come to a cosmetic surgeon because they are concerned about a certain physical attribute. These problems may come from the genetic roll of the dice (large noses, small breasts) or merely the passing of time (need we elaborate?). Regardless of etiology, all patients would like the problem fixed. It is our job, first of all, to answer the question whether it can be fixed. Secondly we must ask if the fixing is dangerous or safe. Is it painful or not? Is the recovery swift or prolonged? Your consultation in this office will address all these questions, but not before we find out who you are. What's the status of your health? What work do you do? What sort of relationships do you have? The answers to these questions shape our answers to you. In this office, you will be treated with honesty and respect. You will not only be our patient, but our friend.

Surgical Facility
We operate here at our 78th Street facility. The facility is approved by the most rigorous national agency, The American Association for Accreditation of Aesthetic Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Arrangements are easily made for patients to spend the first day or two after surgery at our comfortable 78th Street townhouse. At patient's or surgeon's discretion, some surgeries are performed at New York University Medical Center's Tisch Hospital or NYU's New York Downtown Hospital facility.