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Expert Cosmetic Surgery In A Caring And Warm Enviroment

General Information
Botox is a toxin from a microorganism. It's a bit of a stretch to beleive it can do you good. But over twenty years of experience with it have proven its safety. Botox has been used to treat children with lazy eye for decades and there have been no ill effects. In plastic surgery, we use it to weaken muscles that throw facial skin into the hills and valleys we know as wrinkles. The theory is that if we disconnect the motor that causes the creasing, the creases will ultimately iron out.

About 3 to 5 days after botox is injected into the forehead muscles they become too weak to contract. For younger people the effect is almost instantaneous and the forehead furrows are gone. For others it may take a month or longer for the wrinkles, which have been present for decades, to relax away. The effect of the botox lasts for about three months and most people find it helpful to have treatments about three times a year.