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Expert Cosmetic Surgery In A Caring And Warm Enviroment

General Information
Large, pendulous breasts are more than just a problem of appearance. They can cause neck, shoulder and back pain and be a troublesome hygiene problem on the touching surfaces of chest and breast. All of this can be corrected with surgery.

The Procedure
The aim of modern surgical techniques is to minimalize scarring and preserve sensation to the nipple. Usually the scar surrounds the areola and drops down from there to the fold under the breast. It looks like a lolly pop. After a year it is quite faint. The surgery is generally done in the hospital, but an overnight stay is not necessary. The anesthetic is either general or a local with deep intravenous sedation. It takes about a week to recover. The swelling and black and blue take up to 3 weeks to resolve.

Most woman who have breast reduction wonder why they waited to get the surgery done. This operation brings great relief of discomfort, provides a woman with a trimmer appearance and. to quote a patient, "makes buying clothes fun again".